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Vita Infuse.


What we do

Vita Infuse was set up under the banner of MyClinics as an additional service for our clients. It is a partner of Doctors Skin Clinic and we work together to service the needs of our clients looking for healthier skin as well as general health and wellbeing.

We are based in the same building and offer a multitude of services ranging from aesthetics, vitamin infusions and travel vaccines to podiatry and optical eye care. We are entirely doctor led and all our doctors are current practising medical doctors with full GMC registration and licenses.

Vitamin Therapy

Vita Infuse has thus been set up to service demand from our clients who wish to pursue vitamin therapy as part of a health and wellbeing lifestyle. Vitamin infusions have become ever more popular recently, with celebrities such as Rihanna and Madonna leading the trend.

A busy hectic lifestyle can mean you are often left tired, exhausted and lacking energy. Vitamin drips are thus tailored to your needs and can provide much needed nutritional supplements directly via an infusion.

How do vitamin infusions work?

Vitamins are a necessary but often neglected ingredient of a healthy lifestyle. They are an essential component of many bodily functions and are usually taken from our diets, rather than innately produced by our body. However modern methods of food production and our western diets mean that we have seen a significant loss of vitamins in our bodies as a result.

Oral supplements are popular and relatively cheap, however unfortunately they have variable absorption in the body. They have to undergo digestion, followed by absorption into the blood and then metabolised before being available for the body to utilise. IV infusions bypass all of this and directly enter the blood stream in much higher concentrations and doses than oral supplements. This directly helps to replenish vitamin and nutrient levels in the body to a much better level.

Where do the vitamin infusions come from?

All our vitamin packs, infusions and injections are synthetically or bio-technologically produced in approved and inspected German laboratories. They are all gluten and sugar free products and contain no traces of animal products as per the manufacturer’s guidance.

They are classified by the MHRA as borderline medicines and are used for supplementation only. They are not used to treat medical conditions or make medical claims.

What type of infusions do we have?

At vita Infuse, we use a variety of different infusions, tailored to your requirements. It involves a consultation with one of our doctors to help decide on the best infusion for your needs.

This can range from detox, improved immunity, anti-aging benefits to lighter brighter skin or healthier hair, skin and nails. Our popular performance enhancer infusions are great for those workouts at the gym and tired muscles. Vita Infuse can help you to overall achieve a better health and wellbeing lifestyle.

How many treatments are needed?

We recommend a course of 4 infusions for most cocktails with periodic top ups later. However, single infusion can be considered for those wishing to have a one off drip.

Why have your vitamin infusions at vita Infuse?

Vita Infuse is part of the doctor led MyClinics group which is already serving clients in aesthetic medicine, travel health medicine, vaccinations and optical eye care. We only utilise the skills of qualified and GMC registered doctors to consult with you, listen to your needs and advise you on the best infusions to consider for your health and wellbeing.

The doctors involved in vitamin infusions are specially trained and knowledgeable in this field and will thus serve to best guide you for your optimum treatment plan. Furthermore, our treatments involve the doctors looking after you and monitoring your progress to ensure you receive a satisfactory treatment.